Benefits of Non Climate-Controlled Storage

Non Climate-Controlled Storage


Non climate-controlled storage is a type of self storage that does not have temperature or humidity control. This type of storage is commonly found in outdoor or garage-style units, and is generally less expensive than climate-controlled storage.


Here are some key features of non climate-controlled storage:
  • Usually located outdoors or in a garage-style unit
  • Does not have temperature or humidity control
  • Less expensive than climate-controlled storage
  • Typically accessed via roll-up doors
  • Can accommodate a wide variety of items, such as furniture, sports equipment, and vehicles
  • May be less secure than climate-controlled storage due to its outdoor location

Pros and Cons

Non climate-controlled storage has its benefits and drawbacks:


  • More affordable than climate-controlled storage
  • Can be used for a wide range of items, including vehicles
  • Generally easy to access


  • Items stored in non climate-controlled storage may be subject to damage from extreme temperatures and humidity
  • May not be as secure as climate-controlled storage, since it is often located outside
  • Certain items, such as electronics or sensitive documents, may require climate-controlled storage to prevent damage

Best Uses

Non climate-controlled storage can be a good option for:
  • Storing items that are not temperature or humidity-sensitive, such as outdoor equipment, vehicles, and furniture
  • Short-term storage needs
  • Those who are on a tight budget and cannot afford climate-controlled storage
  • Non-climate controlled storage refers to storage units without temperature and humidity regulation.
  • Provides a more affordable option compared to climate-controlled units.
  • Suitable for items that can withstand fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.



  • Air circulation: Ensures proper air circulation within the storage unit.
  • Minimizes odors: Helps to reduce the buildup of unpleasant smells.


  • Solid construction: Built with sturdy materials to protect against external elements.
  • Weather-resistant: Designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Storage Tips

Selecting Items for Storage

  • Store items that are less sensitive to temperature and humidity changes.
  • Examples: Non-electronic tools, furniture, glassware, and non-delicate fabrics.

Proper Packing

  • Use plastic bins or moisture-resistant materials for added protection.
  • Keep items off the ground using pallets or shelving.

Regular Inspection

  • Visit the storage unit periodically to check on your belongings.
  • Address any signs of moisture, pests, or damage promptly.



  • Lower cost: Non-climate controlled units are generally more budget-friendly than climate-controlled ones.
  • Wider availability: Typically more non-climate controlled units available at storage facilities.


  • Wide range of sizes: Non-climate controlled units come in various dimensions to accommodate different needs.
  • Drive-up access: Many units offer easy drive-up access for convenient loading and unloading.
By offering non-climate controlled storage options, AAA Storage facilities cater to tenants who seek a more cost-effective solution for storing items that are less susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations. These units provide a versatile and accessible choice for various storage needs.

Security Measures

  • Access control: Gated entry and individual unit alarms to ensure only authorized access.
  • Video surveillance: 24/7 monitoring with high-resolution cameras and digital recording.
  • On-site security personnel: Security guards and routine patrols for added safety.
  • Security lighting: Well-lit areas and motion-activated lighting to deter criminal activity.

Facility Maintenance

  • Cleanliness: Regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the facility in good condition.
  • Pest control: Routine inspections and prompt extermination to prevent infestations.
  • Emergency response plan: Procedures in place to address emergencies such as fires or floods.

Insurance and Tenant Protection

  • Self storage insurance: Encourage tenants to acquire traditional insurance policies for added coverage.
  • Tenant protection: Offer tenant protection plans as an alternative to traditional insurance.

Additional Services

  • Moving supplies: Provide packing materials, boxes, and other moving supplies for purchase.
  • Moving assistance: Offer referrals to professional moving companies or rental trucks.
By addressing these aspects, AAA Storage facilities enhance the non-climate controlled storage experience for tenants, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safety, maintenance, and customer service. This attention to detail helps establish AAA Storage as a reliable and trusted provider of non-climate controlled storage solutions.Non climate-controlled storage can be a cost-effective and practical solution for storing a variety of items. However, it's important to consider the potential risks associated with storing certain items in a non-climate-controlled environment and make an informed decision based on the specific needs of your items.

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