Benefits of Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle Storage Options

If you are a motorcycle owner, it is essential to keep your bike in a secure and protected environment when not in use. Self storage can provide a cost-effective solution for motorcycle owners who lack the necessary space at their homes.

Types of Motorcycle Storage

There are several types of motorcycle storage options available in self storage facilities:

Indoor Motorcycle Storage

Indoor storage units provide an ideal environment for motorcycle storage. They offer protection against weather, dust, and theft, making it a popular choice for motorcycle owners.

Covered Motorcycle Storage

Covered motorcycle storage is typically outdoor storage with a roof, providing partial protection against the elements while still offering easy access.

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage

Outdoor storage provides the least protection against weather and theft, but it is still a viable option for motorcycle owners looking for a cost-effective solution.

Advantages of Motorcycle Storage

Here are some of the benefits of using self storage for motorcycle storage:

Protection from Weather and Theft

Self storage units provide protection against weather conditions like rain, snow, and wind that can cause damage to motorcycles. They also have various security features such as cameras, alarms, and electronic access, providing security against theft.

Extra Space

Motorcycles take up a significant amount of space, especially in the garage or driveway. Self storage provides additional space to store motorcycles, freeing up space at home.


Self storage is a cost-effective solution for motorcycle owners who lack the necessary space at home or want to keep their bikes secure.

Convenient Access

Self storage facilities provide convenient access to motorcycles, allowing owners to retrieve them whenever they need them.

Customizable Options

Self storage offers customizable storage options, allowing motorcycle owners to choose the unit size that suits their specific needs.

AAA Storage Facilities provide various motorcycle storage options to keep your motorcycle safe and protected.

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage

Dedicated Parking Spaces

  • Secure spaces: AAA Storage offers secure outdoor parking spaces specifically for motorcycles.
  • Flexible durations: Store your motorcycle for short or long-term durations.
  • Access: Enjoy easy access to your motorcycle.

Indoor Motorcycle Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

  • Climate protection: Indoor storage units maintain a stable temperature and humidity level, protecting your motorcycle from harsh weather conditions.
  • Sizes: Various sizes are available to fit motorcycles and any additional accessories.
  • Access: Easy access to your motorcycle.

Drive-Up Storage Units

  • Convenience: Drive-up storage units allow you to park your motorcycle directly in front of the unit for easy access.
  • Sizes: Units come in different sizes to accommodate motorcycles and their accessories.
  • Access: Easy access to your motorcycle.

Shared Storage Units

  • Cost-effective: Share a larger storage unit with other motorcycle owners for a more budget-friendly storage solution.
  • Security: Individualized security features within the shared unit ensure the safety of your motorcycle.
  • Access: Easy access to your motorcycle.

Security and Accessibility

  • Gated facility: AAA Storage facilities are gated, ensuring a secure environment for your motorcycle.
  • Video surveillance: State-of-the-art video surveillance systems monitor the facility 24/7.
  • Electronic access: Personalized electronic access codes grant you secure entry to the facility.

Bottom Line

Self storage provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for motorcycle owners looking for a secure place to store their bikes. With a variety of storage options available, motorcycle owners can choose the best option that fits their specific needs. For more information on motorcycle storage options and pricing at AAA Storage Facilities, please visit our website or contact your local facility and speak with the Rental Office team.

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