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AAA Storage Hwy 27 & Postal Center 995 N. U.S. Hwy 27 Minneola, FL 34715 (352) 508-4184
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Quality - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Service - 5.0 (Excellent)
Price - 5.0 (Excellent)
Convenience - 5.0 (Excellent)
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Gauvain and Susan Gilbert 025 02/26/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Facility-Love the view as we go thru the gate down to RV Storage!
John and Lisa are super people, great proprietors and took great care of us at the beginning and are still doing so! They are extremely knowledgeable of their store, the grounds and the abiding rules! Fair in their dealings with us and are very hospitable. The price is right and they are great business hosts! We're staying until The Lord calls us HOME!

Betty S 02/25/17
Recommend: Yes
Lisa and John are great with their customers, they're always helpful and friendly. This means a lot to me, I highly recommend going here. It's always nice and clean, very well organized..I will go no where else, John and Lisa do a great job, great customer service!!

Patti Aeschlimann 01/04/17
Recommend: Yes
Secure Storage for My Things
I rented a climate controlled storage unit for about three months while I was looking for a house. I felt very comfortable with the different levels of security at A-A-A Storage--the locked gate accessible with a code only and the locked building (where my storage unit was) accessible only by a door code. The staff is also very helpful and friendly! I would definitely recommend A-A-A Storage to anyone!

Chris O. 06/24/16
Recommend: Yes
Courteous, Convenient and Well-Priced!
Lisa is an example of excellent customer service and attentiveness. Twice I have visited the business and everyone is always patient, informative and makes sure to answer any questions. The facility appears clean and well-maintained. The hours of accessibility are convenient for me. I will definitely recommend anyone in the area who needs storage to consider this location.

Phyllis 06/03/16
Recommend: Yes
Best storage facility in the USA
Lisa and John really know how to run a storage facility! Best team I've come across in a long time in any type of business! I rented 2 units and a PO box. Thank you Lisa & John for giving me peace of mind.

Anonymous 05/25/16
Recommend: Yes
the staff was great very helpful made me feel safe about leaving my stuff there couldn't ask for better service thank you

Anonymous 11/10/15
Recommend: Yes
My family loves AAA Storage in Clermont. They have the best friendly service! Laurie and Jon make it a wonderful experience.

Brian 09/21/15
Recommend: Yes
Best Storage Facility...Period
John and Laurie take pride in their facility, they are very friendly, outgoing and willing to work with you no matter your needs. The place is extremely clean, well lit, great security, climate controlled unit was awesome, all my belongings remained exactly how I dropped them there. If you need a storage unit, hands down this is the only place I would use, can't say enough about the facility and John/Laurie.

Patti 07/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Facility clean and secure...staff goes above and beyond!
You need not look further than AAA Storage on Hwy. 27. Convenient location, clean and secure facility, but most importantly, in a world where 'superb' customer service is the exception rather than the rule, you will be treated by truly professional, kind and exceptionally helpful people!

ATL 09/05/14
Laurie and John run a great operation. Everything works at the facility -- lights, locks, gate, etc. -- which is what you want / need at a storage facility, and it's clean and well-maintained. As a bonus, Laurie and John are a pleasure to work with and are always happy to deal with any issues (few and far between, if any). If you're looking for storage, I highly recommend these folks!

Charlene Bryce 08/10/14
More than professional! They treat you like family! My mother rented a large unit to move a house from Maryland - they helped her with EVERY detail including estimating the space, putting off the contract date until closer to when her furniture would arrive, contacting the moving company about the truck arrival date, etc. The owners met her there the morning the truck arrived (a Sunday) and helped her get everything started. They even came down and checked on us, passed out cold water to everyone (including the movers) and took people for trips up the hill to the bathroom in their office. They helped her find her lock at the end, and are helping her with a dispute with the moving company. They are friendly, patient, and always looking out for my Mom and helping anticipate her needs. They are also the most economical option in the area, and the staff is charming too! Thank you so much!

MP 08/02/14
If you want spectacular service go with AAA Storage. John and Laurie went beyond expectations with our storage rental. They even gave us water while we put the boxes inside, lent us the dollie and were very attentive. Please check them out, they are very friendly, clean and secure. You will be treated like family.

Ramon 07/28/14
Let me just start off by saying the level of costumer service Laura & John provided to my wife & I was unbelievable. I was looking to rent a storage on Sunday only to find out that everyone I called was closed. So it wasn't looking good for me I decided to call one more place which was AAA. Which they to are closed too but, I was lucky enough to have caught them in office because of a cancellation they had. When I called Laura answered only to tell me that they were closed. I asked if she knew anyone that was open because Sunday was my only day I had to get this done because I needed to drive back to West Palm to work on Monday. She said no but asked me if she can call me back I said yes. She calls back 20mins later to tell me that she will be willing to stay there for me so that we can rent a unit. This is why I said it was unbelievable; not only did they wait for us they made us feel vary welcome. You couldn't even tell that they were working on a day they didn't have to. I would recommended this place to anyone that will need a storage. Thanks again for making it happen!

Cindy P 06/14/14
When I stopped in to AAA Storage on Highway 27 in Minneola, I knew I would do business with them. Their prices were competitive and their units were clean. And John and Laura are great.

Patty 03/01/14
AAA Storage Hwy 27 is very convenient with friendly and welcoming Managers. We will be faithful customers for a long time. Thank you for allowing us to do business with you.